We Survived the Iowa Steak Fry, and all we got Was this Lousy Shirt….

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So we got six shirts…don’t judge us. They make great junk tees for when you’re dying your hair. magAMedia recently went to the Iowa State Democrat Steak Fry, incognito, to film what all the fuss was about. Besides noticing right off what a huge hypocritical event this happened to be (cows, steaks, climate change, Green New Deal), we did see a lot of interesting things along the way.

-Warren gave out stickers lol…Pete and Biden both gave out free shirts.

Awkward dancing was to be had by all.

For some reason, there was a thing with tutus–yes, even the dudes.

Signs…tons of signs…these climate change folks sure weren’t worried about conservation this day!

Biden’s booth was pretty cool. Complete with pancake station, coffee and tea (all for free), t-shirts, a bouncy castle for the kids, and a drumming/ dance crew.

Bouncy house at Biden’s booth

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