Impeach the MotherF**Kers

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They want to play hardball. We can play too. Please sign the petition to impeach these traitors to the American people!

The Democrats in power are not working for the people. Impeach THEM!

**Nancy Pelosi:
While working to impeach a sitting President, using phony documents, heresay, and flawed reasoning, she blatantly disregards the will of the people. She continues to support Sanctuary Cities and ILLEGAL ALIENS over the rights of each and every American citizen.

**Rashida Tlaib:
Antisemitism has no place in American politics.

**Ilhan Omar:
Antisemitic, anti-white rhetoric, & Muslim Brotherhood (Terrorist) sympathizer has no place in America.

Antisemitic, anti-white rhetoric has no place in America. AMERICA will NEVER BE A SOCIALIST COUNTRY!

**Ayanna Pressley
Antisemitic, Antifa supporter–put together fund to bail out Antifa protesters who assaulted Boston cops

This would be a good start.

Join our campaign to impeach! Buy a teeshirt to show your support! If you don’t like Teeshirts, buy a Trump coin, and we’ll send a brick to Nancy Pelosi!!!!

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