Iowa State Steak Fry: Democrat Booths Review

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magAMedia went to the Iowa State Steak Fry to see what all the fuss is about. Incognito, we got some pretty good footage we’d probably not get otherwise.. enjoy.

Some booths were grand spectacles, while others were sad and desolate. Clearly, Mayor Pete had the greatest ground game there.

Biden’s booth was pretty cool. Complete with pancake station, coffee and tea (all for free), t-shirts, a bouncy castle for the kids, and a drumming/ dance crew.

Bernie’s crowd was virtually nonexistent….

Kamala Harris had a bit of a presence. We caught her right after she grilled some steaks. She gets points for her shoes: Black Converse.

Beto’s crowd was eerily like a bunch of revolutionaries. An odd vibe, to say the least.

Amy Klobuchar’s booth was interesting…people were chanting odd phrases, and dancing.

Tulsi had only a bit of a presence, but we were able to get some up close personal pictures with her.

Andrew Yang’s presence was pretty nonexistent. We did get a few photo ops however. Didn’t seem to be a very personable guy, but that could have been because he was on his way to flip steaks (he wants us all to be vegeterians).

And the rest….the Yang gang, some Warren folks, Corey Booker’s booth, etc.

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