California: Communications Blackout, 15 NEW Gun Seizure Laws; Curfews, One dead. What is going on!?

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Governor Newsom of California has gone too far. In a state that has hundreds of wildfires every year, it has been deemed that Ham radios are no longer necessary for emergencies. We beg to differ. Rural citizens rely on older technology, especially when the internet goes out, there is no power, and other predicaments occur. a Ham radio may be these citizens only contact with emergency crews.

The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (Cal Fire) notified radio operators that they can no longer operate network repeaters, which make ham radios possible by extending their range, unless they pay significant rental fees for using public land.
“…With constantly changing technological advances, there is no longer the same [emergency] benefit to [the] state as previously provided,” reads the letter Cal Fire sent to operators. “Therefore, the department no longer financially supports ham operators, radios or tenancy.”

The department also apparently claims that to have an rental agreement in place, there’s a $2500 “technical analysis fee” and a “lease administration cost” which ranges from $3000-$5000.
Ironically, Cal Fire also sent a “Wildfire Action Plan” to residents which advises them to have a “communications plan.”

“While the written advice is great, Cal Fire is taking action THAT WILL DESTROY THE critical and vital Ham Radio Repeater System Infrastructure and network which is necessary for the ‘communications plan’ and safety measures which Cal Fire and the Sheriff advises should be set up by communities and families,” reads a legal letter written in response to the notice sent to radio operators. “The FACT IS – when there is a complete communication failure (no phones, no cell phones, no internet, no reverse 911, no code red, no ability to dial 911, and no ability to warn people who are asleep at 2:00 AM in the morning of a raging wildfire, etc…,) ALL of the Cal Fire and Sheriff recommendations go up in smoke.”
The letter also provides examples of recent use of ham radios during emergencies, including when Shasta County declared an emergency earlier this year:
In Shingletown, all electrical power was OUT. There was no land line service, no cell phones, no internet, no reverse 911, no code red, no ability to dial 911. As one Shingletown resident put it – If I had a heart attack I had no ability to get help! That resident is now part of his neighborhood emergency SER PLAN radio team. Residents were snow bound. Snow depths ranged from several feet to four feet. THE ONLY COMMUNICATIONS WE HAD WAS THE SER HAM PLAN WHICH UTILIZED ONE OF THE REPEATERS YOU ARE SEEKING TO HAVE REMOVED.
But most recently, over a half-million Californians lost their electricity due to a planned blackout triggered by fears that the state’s power lines can’t handle heavy wind without risking a wildfire.

Planned power outages in California left millions without power. PG&E told homeowners to expect outages at certain times, but apparently the timing was off for one older gentleman that relied on oxygen machines to live. He died just 12 minutes after the power went out.

Mardis, who had severe coronary artery atherosclerosis, breathed with the help of a nasal tube. His family, who had been told by power utility PG&E to expect the planned outage, had battery-operated backup machines ready for him to use — but the timing of the sudden shutoff, at 3:30 a.m., caught them unawares.
County officials said Mardis’s medical condition was the sole cause of death.
“He was going to his portable oxygen machine,” Aldea told the Los Angeles Times. “We weren’t even able to get to the generator it happened so quick.”
Millions of people lost electricity in Northern California this week after PG&E shut down transmission lines to prevent devastating wildfires during dry, windy weather. About 200,000 households remain in the dark.

Amidst all this, Governor Newsom quietly passes 15 new gun seizure laws.

One of the bills, which expands a so-called “red flag” law to allow co-workers, employers and educators to seek gun violence restraining orders against firearms owners they fear are a danger to themselves and others, was vetoed twice by Newsom’s predecessor, Jerry Brown.

Newsom also signed a companion bill allowing the gun violence restraining orders to last one and five years, although the gun owners could petition to end those restrictions earlier. The bill also allows judges to issue search warrants at the same time as they grant the orders. The warrants can be used immediately if the gun owners are served with the relinquishment orders but fail to turn over the firearms or ammunition.

The Democratic governor also signed a law that will limit Californians to purchasing one long rifle per month, according to The Sacramento Bee.
This law expands the current legislation that applies to handguns, and it will prevent people under 21 from purchasing semi-automatic rifles and other similar firearms.


Several cities enacted curfews during the power outage, as a preventative measure. The City of Morgan Hill will be enforcing a curfew starting at 8 p.m. Wednesday through 6:30 a.m. Thursday due to the power shutoff.

It’s been a bad week for California in general. Their totalitarian dictatorship is showing.

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