Calisota: State Representative Aisha Gomez Joins Antifa

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I shouldn’t have to write about this. A Minnesota State Representative, Aisha Gomez, joined Antifa during the protest at the Minnesota rally. She heckled police officers, even called their superior officer, and demanded they not use mace during the potentially violent gathering.

Patriots soon fought back.

Some others recommended donations go to the Minnesota chapter of CAIR, in light of the President’s supposed targeting of Somali refugees.

Incredible since CAIR has been deemed a terrorist organizaton, much like the Muslim Brotherhood, in several countries.

I wonder when the people of Minneosta will rise up and take their state back from the unhinged Liberals they have representing them.

Here are some of the Key issues Aisha has sponsored.

Sadly, Minnesota is turning into California. These laws sound way too familiar. I got so disgusted I stopped looking at the rest of the list.

Contact her, and let her know how you feel!

Email Address:

Phone: (651) 296-7152

Office Address:
529 State Office Building St. Paul, MN 55155

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