London rush-hour commuters rip climate-change protesters from roofs of trains in viral footage

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We have seen climate change protesters here in America block busy intersections, glue themselves to trains and a host of other ridiculous protests that cost people time. In London people who actually work for a living did not take one of these protests lightly. As you can see in the video they ripped the protesters off of the roofs of the train. Not allowing the protesters to continue to make them late for work. People are seen screaming furiously at the protesters.

The start
London citizens have had it
2nd video shows the protesters getting dragged off

Officials told Sky News that four people were arrested at one station after gluing themselves to the doors.

One of the protesters told Reuters he glued himself to a Docklands Light Railway train “for my grandchildren.”

“I’m just here to ring an alarm bell, to wake people up and say please open your eyes,” Phil Kingston, 83, told the news agency.

Police said they have arrested a total of 8 people and urged protesters not to target London’s underground rail network.

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