Trump Tweets & Nickelback sees 500% Increase in Sales

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Amid all the talk of who knows who, and when and how and whyyyyyy, Trump Tweeted irrefutable proof that Hunter and Biden both knew those Ukraine Gas Company Executives…it was summarily taken down because of a copyright claim, presumably Nickelback’s record label.

The recording industry needs to take note however. Every. Single. Time. Trump mentions any song, patriots flock in droves to buy it. Nickelback themselves saw a solid 500% increase in sales since the epic Tweet. Instead of slamming our President every time he uses an artist’s song, they should be paying HIM royalties. Everything he touches turns to gold.

I mean, Nickelback was relevant again at least for a moment. You could say they have a couple nickels to rub together now…

The song “Photograph,” featured in Trump’s tweet, saw a nearly 40% surge with over 771,000 song listens and music video views between Oct. 2 and Oct. 3, according to Neilsen music data. (Trump tweeted the video at 5 p.m. ET on Oct. 2.) Nielsen analyzes streaming data from services like Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube. 
USA TODAY has reached out to representatives for Nickelback for comment.
Digital download sales of the song also rose 569% on Oct. 2 and 3, though that the high percentage only translates into about 1,000 downloads.


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