Movie Review: Joker

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Possibly the coolest origin story I’ve come across in a long, long time. Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker was absolutely mesmerizing . The movie itself was light on CGI, and it didn’t need it. It was very cerebral. The cinematography had you feeling claustrophobic and trapped at points, much as the Joker is in his mind.

Joker is failed comedian and fired clown, Arthur Fleck, and it was hard to tell what parts of the movie were “real life” and which parts were in his mind, as I look back now. Brilliantly done.

I will address the liberal outcry about this movie. It’s simple: they didn’t watch it, and they had no clue what it was about. I am actually shocked that Robert De Niro would be in such a conservative film.

The joker is obviously, in this movie, mentally ill. They tell you that from the onset. His downward spiral into absolutely batshit crazy is intense and well played. You can literally see him breaking at one point.


There are a few killings, but none like the liberals all cried about. He wasn’t just “running around killing random people.” In his mind, he had very specific reasons. Mainly, he didn’t like people making fun of him, beating him up or blaming him for things, or lying, or being rotten people… I think I covered it all ha!

Riots, “Resisters,” and copycats grace the ending, as Joker realizes he’s created a cult following. Funny since it really did look like a bunch of ANTIFA. Strong message about Liberals being crazy if you ask me. I personally hope Joaquin reprises this role and many more to come. He was absolutely outstanding. I haven’t seen such great acting like that in a long time.

Okay, you can look now.

This movie sucked me in. I didn’t even mind the 10-year-old kids running around the theatre like crazy. It kept hold of me to the very end.

Rating: 5/5 Two YUGE Thumbs Up.

Release date: October 4, 2019 (USA)DirectorTodd PhillipsBudget: 55 million USDAwardsGolden LionProducersTodd PhillipsBradley CooperEmma Tillinger

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