Candidate for Washington State Governor, Anton Sakharov: Ads Censored by Twitter for his Anti-Socialist Views

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In an unsurprising turn of events, candidate for Governor, Anton Sakharov, is being censored by Twitter. His ad campaign video is being marked as “sensitive content,” and it doesn’t matter if you have your Twitter filters off or not.

Anton Sakharov is envisioning a much-needed cleanup in Seattle, and has launched campaign ads on Twitter, stating “Make Evergreen EverGreat,” playing on the MAGA theme a bit.

Anton has many great plans for Washington State, but his message is being stifled by the Socialist Social Media. From his website :


  • Improve traffic patterns to remove gridlock
  • Incentivize businesses to open new offices in less populated areas of Washington state to distribute employment opportunities, infrastructure wear and capacity
  • Work with the Federal Government on sharing infrastructure renovation  cost Like58 6

Small Business

  • Remove unnecessary regulations to eliminate burdensome permit and license processes
  • Guarantee no tax increases for the first five years for small businesses
  • Remove barriers to entry in highly regulated industries to increase competition Like54 4


  • Make project accounting details on state projects transparent to the public
  • Modify pre-tender process to allow more competition for state projects
  • Hold state officials accountable for cost overruns and project delays Like53 4

School Safety

  • Implement perimeter and entry security across all public schools
  • Hire veterans as security guards to oversee school security and be the first line of defense
  • Install metal detectors and security systems at schools across the state to proactively stop weapon entry Like59 21

Tax Burden

  • Increase state revenue instead of increasing taxes
  • Cut personal taxes by repealing death and estate recovery taxes
  • Put a cap on residential property taxes and eliminate tax hikes Like58 11


  • Redistribute health and housing capabilities across the entire state
  • Ban illegal sanctuary cities and re-allocate funds to help veterans in need
  • Reallocate funds from cash assistance programs into incentives for employers to re-employ the homeless

Washington is swiftly becoming a Socialist state, following in the footsteps of California and Oregon, and most recently, Minnesota. Embracing higher taxes and socialist programs, Washington is squandering their tax dollars on programs that just don’t work, and are slowly forcing small businesses and people out of the big cities.

Anton, a Jewish refugee, knows full-well the dangers of Socialism, and is determined to turn Washington around.

Our state has resources, land, technology, smart people and reputable education, yet simple problems are kicked down the road for future generations to worry about.
We are witnessing how problems in areas of small business, infrastructure, government accountability, taxation, school safety and homelessness are growing beyond the point of no return – while our politicians spend time pushing their own agenda, instead of focusing on the needs of our people.
I am unwilling to be a bystander and pledge to find solutions to the problems our residents face – I pledge to transform Washington into the top state to live, work and prosper in.

Please help spread this article so more people see this candidate. Share to Facebook and email it to your friends (even if you don’t live in Washington). We as patriots need to fight the Socialist machine!!!

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