TDS: Mitt Romney caught with back up Twitter account bashing Trump

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Why would a former candidate for President have a back up Twitter account to bash the current President? Because Mitt is gutless and obviously has a severe case of Trump Derangment syndrome that has consumed him.

Sen. Mitt Romney, one of President Trump’s top Republican critics, on Sunday appeared to confirm the existence of a shadow Twitter account with the handle @qaws9876 with the name Pierre Delecto.

A writer for The Atlantic, who just wrote a profile on the Utah Republican and his tense relationship with the president, asked Romney about the mystery Twitter account. He said Romney responded in the affirmative: “C’est moi,” which in French means “It’s me.”

The Twitter account does not have a profile or a banner picture, and it is locked. The account follows 702 users and has 1,173 followers. The Washington Examiner reported that Delecto does not follow Trump’s account.

Posts that Romney liked and retweeted included George Conway and disgraced Presidential contender from Utah Evan McMullin

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