Norfolk England: Man Converts to Islam, Plans Terrorist Attack & is Arrested

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Officers in Norwich have arrested a man who converted to Islam on suspicion of the commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism. Police raided his home and found volatile chemicals, fake guns and inert grenades. Evacuations were ordered within a 100-meter area of the residence.

Neighbors say he had about 15 cats, and someone would pick him up and take him to the mosque every week, and that was about all they knew about him. He’d lived in Norwich for about 15 years.

Neighbour Julie Grove, 69, said: “Everyone’s friendly in this little road.
You used to see him out every day with his cats and feeding the seagulls.
He had all his cats and he’d stand out there with a notebook and let about three out at a time and he’d write the names down of the cats he’d let out.”

She said he “kept himself to himself” but would throw bread in the road to feed the seagulls and would speak to a neighbour in an upstairs flat.
Ms Grove said Mr Hicks told the neighbour that he had converted to Islam and she said she would see the man getting picked up on a Friday morning.

“We know all about his connection, being picked up every Friday and being taken to Norwich to go to the mosque there. Someone would come and pick him up every Friday morning from Norwich and take him over to the mosque.We know he converted to Islam as he told the chap upstairs that he had.”

Neighbour Andrew Reid, 46, said: “He’s always using the telephone box at the end of the road and we just thought it was a bit strange to be honest.
I’ve not had any dealings with him and I’ve been here now four years.
He’s never said hello or anything, he keeps himself to himself.”

A neighbour who gave her name only as Suzy said the man lived alone.
“He’s got about 15 cats and feeds all the seagulls, and that’s about all we really know about him. He’s been here I don’t know, about 15 years or more. He’s just weird.”

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