#MeToo Nude Congresswoman Katie Hill Scandal Worsens: Staffer Felt Abused In ‘Toxic’ Relationship, Consent Questions Emerge

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Congresswoman from California, Katie Hill, was busted having an affair with a staffer over the weekend as embarrassing photos emerged. Hill has denied the allegations and said nothing was inappropriate, but now it appears it is only getting worse for her.

The alleged sex scandal involving Democratic Rep. Katie Hill (CA) worsened on Tuesday after RedState — which published the initial story documenting the explosive allegations — released a new report on the scandal which raises questions about possible abuse by Hill toward the young female campaign staffer with whom she was allegedly having a sexual relationship. The new report also raises questions about the staffer’s ability to give consent in the alleged relationship.

Daily wire

Red State reports

In the age of #MeToo, activists contend that when a large power imbalance exists, such as between a CEO and an employee, the employee is incapable of giving consent. Even assuming that true consent existed at the beginning of the relationship, the power imbalance could keep an employee in a bad relationship for fear that they will lose their job or suffer other negative consequences.

In the case of the Hill throuple, text messages between Kenny Heslep [Hill’s husband] and Hill’s staffer from June 2019 depict an unhealthy, toxic relationship – Heslep even characterizes the way in which he and Hill treated the staffer as “abusive” as he apologizes for hurting her.

They added

The staffer continued her work on the campaign side despite the awkwardness and emotional distress it caused. Hill, however, seemed tone-deaf, asking her former lover to apply sunscreen on her prior to an event – in front of the rest of the staff. The young woman later texted Hill to express her displeasure.

Hill is the first female Democrat politician to be hit with a #Metoo controversy. This time, with a woman against another woman. Being in a sexual relationship with an employee while on a government salary and being married is unacceptable.

Roll Call reported:

In the wake of high-profile resignations over sexual harassment claims, the House on Tuesday approved sweeping changes to its internal rules intended to protect staffers, including a prohibition on sexual relationships between members and their aides.

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