Evacuations ordered for 40,000 as Massive Fires Spread in Los Angeles

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Los Angeles: Wild fires are spreading and people are running out of time. Ordered to evacuate, the Tick Fire in northern Los Angeles County is one of two major California blazes being fueled by high winds and low humidity.

Over 1,300 firefighters are working to put out the massive blazes that have struck both Los Angeles County and Northern California’s wine country. Schools have closed, and more than 50 buildings have already been destroyed, reportedly eight of them homes.

The brush fire broke out Thursday afternoon and by the evening it had already spread to nearly 4,000 acres. In Northern California the Kincaid fire in Sonoma county has forced evacuation of more than 2,000 people and spread to nearly 16,000 acres; destroying 49 buildings.

A man in the Santa Clarita area in Los Angeles County was stunned by the proximity of flames from the Tick Fire on a ridge. “Whoa, Lord. What are we going to do?” the man, who identified himself as James, told NBC Los Angeles as the sky filled with a smoky haze.
“This is the first time I’ve seen this going on. Oh my goodness,” said the man, who has called the area home since 2006. “Wow. This is unbelievable. I’m about to leave — I can’t stay.”


PG&E recently pulled power on millions of California residents in an effort to prevent wildfires, which is thought by some to be the cause of death of one man who could not get his oxygen equipment turned on with the generator in time.

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Maybe now Governor Newsom will invest in some infrastructure instead of putting a bandaid on the problem. Pulling power and inconveniencing millions of paying customers, rather than fixing outdated systems is par for the course in California.

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