Jane Fonda & Ted “Black Face” Danson Arrested at Climate Change Protest

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Jane Fonda and Ted Danson were arrested at the U.S. Capitol for demonstrating in efforts to support a protest focused on the ocean, and in particular, getting rid of plastics and fighting the sea level rise impacting the Arctic. . This is Jane’s third arrest in the last three weeks.

Arrests began after protesters blocked the streets near the U.S. Capitol building. Police arrested 32 individuals “for unlawfully demonstrating” in the intersection of East Capitol and First streets. All of them were charged for “crowding, obstructing or incommoding.”

The beloved “Cheers” alum was escorted away in restraints Friday morning after participating in the weekly, youth-led protest known as Fire Drill Fridays, which last week ensnared Oscar winner Jane Fonda and “Law & Order” veteran Sam Waterston in efforts to support Congress’ Green New Deal.

“Mass actions like this are a critical part of continuing the momentum of the climate strikes, demonstrating support for a Green New Deal, and ensuring the world’s attention at this critical time!” the environmentalist group Greenpeace tweeted, sharing a video of Danson’s removal and the other detained protesters cheering him on.

Prior to his arrest, Danson introduced himself as “Jane Fonda’s new trainee” when he joined Fonda onstage at a rally to talk about his 30 years of ocean activism.


You might remember Ted Danson from Cheers, and you may also remember the time he did Black Face…

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