Thousands of Homeless: Seattle to Charge $1500 a month for Homeless Parking. For 30 people….

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Once again Seattle proves they can outdo anyone when it comes to misusing and abusing taxpayer funds. Their newest proposal: charge taxpayers $1500 per month to pay for overnight parking for 20-30 people currently living in their cars. There are thousands of homeless in Seattle. Their plan would help 20-30. At a cost of $382,000.

The parking plan would allow 20-30 people to park in a lot overnight in Seattle’s U District, at a cost of $1000-$1500 a pop. They could literally rent an apartment for that.

“I heard about that budget, and it just boggles the mind,” said Karina O’Malley, who manages a homelessness parking program for a church in Kirkland at less than one-thirtieth the cost. “This stuff is not rocket science. What is the deal with Seattle?”

“Just about every city of any size on the West Coast is doing broader safe-parking programs now,” says Graham Pruss, a UW anthropology Ph.D. who studies the “vehicular homeless.” “Seattle is about the only one that’s not.”
That includes Palo Alto, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, LA, and San Diego.
We don’t even have to travel to California to learn how. Lake Washington United Methodist Church in Kirkland has been hosting up to 55 car-campers per night in its church parking lot since 2011 – which makes it one of the largest providers to the vehicular homeless on the West Coast.

Its annual budget, incredibly, is just $20,000. That pays for three portable toilets, trash service and Wifi boosted across the parking area. That’s a total of $30 per spot per month, while Seattle is proposing a cost north of $1,000.


Seattle pays way too much for homeless programs. Programs that don’t work, and the problem keeps getting bigger.

  • There are approximately 22,304  homeless living in Washington State, according to Continuums of Care to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) . The Puget Sound area spends more than $1.06 billion per year addressing and responding to the homelessness crisis.  That’s around $91,041.00 per year for each homeless person.

$91,041.00 per year. Each. Washington state’s median income is $70,979. Something just doesn’t add up. Jay Inslee, governor of Washington state, wanted to be President. He can’t even manage a homeless population of 22K with over a billion dollars!

Seattle is now paying people to leave, initiating a program to give people one-way tickets out of the city.

Read more/ watch video from KOMO News 4 on the homeless crisis here:

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