Will Trump give ISIS Leader Al-Baghdadi a Proper Islamic Burial Like Obama Did Osama Bin Laden?

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Barack Obama came under a lot of fire after sealed military records showed that he allowed one of the biggest mass murders of Americans in history Osama Bin Laden a proper Islamic funeral at the sea. President Trump criticized Obama for his decision and it seems unlikely Trump will allow Baghdadi to have any kind of funeral honoring him.

According to the Gateway Pundit

The Obama Administration would not release photos to the American public of a dead Osama Bin Laden after his double-tap by Navy Seals. Obama said it was for security reasons.  He did not trust Americans with the photos of the dead mastermind of the 9-11 attacks that killed 3,000 Americans.

And Barack Obama assured Muslimsthat the al-Qaeda leader’s burial by sea was in accordance with Islamic law under the circumstances of his death.

On Saturday the United States military under the leadership of President Donald Trump  conducted a special operations raid targeting one of its most high-value targets, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the Islamic State militant group (ISIS).

So will President Trump give al-Baghdadi a proper and holy Islamic burial?
Or will Baghdadi get the burial he deserves with pork rinds and bacon?

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