Mayor of Seattle Investigating Chief of Police for Doing Her JOB…


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In a recent turn of forseeable events, the Chief of Police in Seattle is being scrutinized for a recent Tweet, stating the obvious: let criminals go without punishment, they continue to commit crimes.

A Tweet from Police Chief Carmen Best, stating “A business owner reported a property crime, and @SeattlePD arrested the suspect. Within hours, the suspect was released from jail and returned to commit a new crime. The same officer re-arrested the suspect. This not only hurts our community, but officer morale as well. #MCCA2019” is now being “looked into” by Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan.

Other chiefs chimed in:

We spoke to this issue a while back in our expose on the homeless problem in Seattle here:

San Francisco and Seattle have the two highest property crime rates in the United States by a very wide margin. The reason? The police officers have been handcuffed and are no longer taken serious by the community because the lack of respect they get from the liberal city officials.


Berkeley and San Francisco California choose to operate much in the same way, in regards to crime. Oakland officers don’t even investigate stolen cars any more. Yes, it has become that much of a problem.

Time and time again we read about rapists being released the day after the offense, only to go right back to the victim’s home to commit more of the same. We hear time and time again, the same people are arrested over and over, yet nothing is really done to them. What happens? When a “normal” person like you or I actually need help, we can’t find it. We are waiting in line. Waiting for the police to finish dealing with the same people they just arrested a couple days ago.

SEATTLE — Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan is asking a senior staff member to look into issues raised by a tweet from Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best.
Best tweeted apparent frustration with the city’s criminal justice system and how it handles suspects released from jail only to commit another crime on the same day.

The mayor directed her Senior Public Safety Advisor to work with SPD and the City Attorney’s Office to “understand the specifics of the situation,” the mayor’s Director of Communications Mark Prentice said in an email.
After Durkan read the tweet on Friday, she explained she’s pushing for changes in the criminal justice.
“People who have significant behavioral health issues often can’t stand for trial,” Durkan said. “So we have to let them go but then they commitment offenses and we can’t get them the help they need, we’ve got to change that.”

Hopefully this means they will be looking into opening up the mental health facilities again, and actually getting these people help. Hopefully it doesn’t mean anything bad for the police chief, who is undeniably more than likely very frustrated with the current system.

Liberal policies are destroying cities. Liberal policies destroying lives. Our men and women in Blue deserve far more than what today’s society is offering them.

More on the Seattle homeless population:

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