BRUTAL! Child Killer in Prison undergoing Gender Transition

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Brutal Connecticut Child Murderer who used to be on Death Row, now undergoing hormone treatments to become a female. All at taxepayer expense.

Steven Hayes sexually assaulted and strangles a Connecticut mother in 2007, leaving her young children to burn alive, during a home invasion. He was convicted and sentenced to death. While waiting for his final day, the death penalty was abolished in the state. His sentence was commuted to Life.

Now, the murderer, who garnered international fame due to the nature and brutality of his crimes, is making headlines once again, as he undergoes transition therapy, at taxpayer expense, to become a woman.

In podcast interview, Hayes blasted prison guards for not accepting his new lifestyle.

There’s a lot of problems with the presentation as a female. A lot of people accept it, but this facility here, you have a lot of racists and bigots on staff and they’re not happy with it. There’s two of us here that are feminine.”

-Steven Hayes

Hayes claims to have suffered from gender dysphoria since the age of 16, self-identifying as transgender.
Hayes is currently housed at the Greene state prison in Pennsylvania, being transferred there through an agreement between Connecticut and the state. A spokeswoman for the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections told the New York Times that the state does not pay for gender transition surgeries, but does spend up to $5,582 a year on transgender inmates who wish to receive hormones for gender dysphoria.

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