The Greatest Show On Earth!

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Hear yea, hear yea! Step right up and get your tickets to what will be the greatest show on earth.
It’s been nearly three years in the making. But now, finally, the Democrats, with their sidekick the liberal media, are ready to bring it from the shadows of darkness. They are ready to entertain us all with their televised Political Media Circus. It promises to be a doozy!
Replete with clowns dressed like congressmen/women, dancers who will dance around the truth while telling lies, tightrope walkers who will have their own biased version of what is truthful, jugglers who will juggle lies to fit their narratives of truth and magicians who will attempt to spin fake news into real news and hope viewers believe it _ this show promises to deliver the entertainment.
But unlike most circuses, this circus isn’t designed for everyone. This circus is exclusively for individuals who hate President Donald J. Trump and want him impeached.
Adam Schiff, the not so distinguished representative from California, will serve as the ringmaster. This is a role he has been prepping a lifetime for.
He got his first taste of the role earlier this year when he fabricated a complete lie about the president during an Intelligence Committee Hearing. In addition, at one point, he was known for wandering the halls of the Capital claiming to have solid evidence of collusion between Russia and the president. Needless to say, it wasn’t true and he has since ended that charade to move on to the ringmaster gig.
Prior to its opening, Ring Master Schiff selectively leaked out information, peppered with exaggerated truths, which he deemed pertinent to help boost the ratings of the show and its acts. This he hopes will maximum the interest, in what would otherwise be a boring event.
With the help of a few of his circus clowns, the liberal media, the ringmaster is counting on viewers to be glued to their televisions. After all, those clowns have promised to devote a considerable amount of air time to show the circus. If Trump haters missed it in the morning because of work, chances are they’ll be able to binge on it in the evening. Some clown stations are even considering streaming the circus. Maximization folks.
The ringmaster has carefully orchestrated this circus to last for a little over a month or so. Two shows will be shown every week from now through December (that’s if the ratings don’t fall). Previous circuses by other ringmasters haven’t always played so well with audiences. Who can forget the Mueller Circus flop? Ringmaster Jerry Nadler headlined that show. Word has it if the Schiff circus does well additional shows could be added per week.
Now like any circus worth its entertainment, they all have a theme. Circuses are supposed to be funny, silly, make you laugh and happy. This circus will be funny and silly and make you laugh, but not so much make you happy.
Instead, this circus has a dark dreary purpose. It’s just not to entertain, for that it will do, but its purpose is also to evoke emotions, or rather strengthen and increase them in a negative way.
Turn the public against President Trump. Drive down his approval ratings. Make it seem he did something wrong when all he did was fulfill his constitutional duties. Turn the public, who weren’t already there, on their side to join their circus.
This is what they want _ Ringmaster Schiff and his band of liberal media clowns. This is what they came for: to make a buffoonery of our political system on center stage. They think they are better and know what is best. The millions of voters who voted for President Trump be damned.
Finally, they think, they are there. It would be a step closer to their diabolical plot of a coup d’etat (they call impeachment).

Should they succeed it would be the greatest show on earth. Should they fail Donald J. Trump besting crooked Hillary Clinton to become the 45th president of the United States would remain the greatest show.

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