Class Act Nikki Haley

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While some in the liberal media have been saying Nancy Pelosi is a tough lady, I beg to differ. Right now the tough lady is Nikki Haley and she is a conservative. 

Her resume is as follow:

  1. First Female Governor of South Carolina 
  2. Second Indian America to serve as a governor in the United States
  3. Served 3 terms in the South Carolina Legislature
  4. Graduate from Clemson University 
  5. Author of two books : “Can’t Is Not An Option” and “With All Due Respect”

She is also the former United States Ambassador to the United Nations and if anyone thinks they are going to walk over this stiletto-wearing, Trump-supporting politicians you have another thing coming.  Did I mention she isn’t afraid to tell the president what’s on her mind?  In addition,  while serving as UN Ambassador she made certain the United States was respected. Those who didn’t show respect she made it known that the US would not forget.


The liberal media had at one point tried to put a wedge in her relationship with the president, but like a class act she shut them down.  In doing so, she gave the best insight into how President Trump thinks and conducts foreign policy.  Her insight is definitely one that many should pay attention to and learn from.


This conservative woman is definitely a force to contend with. If she keeps serving her country the way she has and being true to the cause she might just be the first female president. Time will tell Madame Ambassador.




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