Popeyes New Chicken Sandwich Review

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Ok. I’m sure you have all heard about Popeyes famous new chicken sandwich. You know the sandwich that turns people into madmen and madwomen at restaurants. The sandwich that causes people to start barking at each other like rabid dogs. The sandwich that has people waiting in long lines, as though they are going to see their favorite singer perform or waiting to purchase an iPhone. Yes, that sandwich.

Well, after two months of hearing about the new sandwich I decided to venture out and buy one and taste it for myself. Thankfully, the Popeyes restaurant I chose to make my sandwich purchase didn’t have long lines ( I hate lines). The restaurant wasn’t crowded nor did it have menacing-looking people inside ready to fight.

Other than myself, only two people were waiting to be served. Five other patrons were sitting down quietly enjoying their meal as pop music played in the background.

But I digress.

I made my purchase (I got two sandwiches. One spicy and one regular). I took them home to eat, as I wanted to enjoy them in the pleasure of my abode (I also didn’t want to risk the quiet restaurant atmosphere I encountered changing into a war zone, as seen on TV). By the way, there were plenty of sandwiches waiting to be purchased, after I got my two.

The presentation to start was nice.  The packaging was some type of silver wrapping to keep the sandwich warm. But once I opened the wrapping and took a look at the sandwich (nice size), I could immediately tell this was not going to be just any other chicken sandwich. I mean after reading online and seeing on TV the fights people had gotten into over this sandwich; I knew this sandwich was going to be the bomb.

So I lifted it to my mouth and took my first bite and then a second and a third and a fourth and fifth, a sixth, a seventh, an eighth and before long it was over. Just like that, I had finished eating the famous Popeyes new chicken sandwich that had launched a thousand fights and brawls across America.

What was it like. Well, I will say this, it isn’t worth the fights, brawls or crosswords we have seen and heard. Neither is it worth the long lines.

Frankly speaking, the sandwich is good. It’s crunchy and succulent not dry at all. I think it’s all-white meat. The bun is also tasty, as is the sauce on the sandwich. But it simply isn’t worth losing your dignity or life over. It’s just a sandwich that you could probably make yourself if you tried.

As compared to Chick-fil-A, well I must say Popeyes new sandwich is the best hands down. I ate Chick-fil-A’s sandwich sometime back and I wasn’t impressed in the least bit. Chick-fil-A does, however, make a mean chicken nugget and that sauce you can’t touch it.

In my final analysis, I would give Popeye’s sandwich an A- for the hype far exceeds the taste. By the way, I’m about to eat my second sandwich, as I purchased two.

PS…was there an old Popeyes chicken sandwich?

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