Young Turks’ founder Cenk Uygur running to fill ex-Rep. Katie Hill’s seat

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The Young Turks have often came under fire for their blatant hypocrisy. Armenian co host Ana Kasparian fled the Armenien genocide only to come to America and work for a show called the Young Turks. The very same name of the group committing the Armenien genocide.

Anyways long time host and founder of the network Cenk Uygur is going from a host of a television show to putting his name in the hat for congress. He wants to run against former Trump stagger George Papadopoulos to fill the void Katie Hill left behind.

Cenk and the Young Turks are Bernie Sanders supporting socialist and their news site is the most popular news channel on YouTube..

The state of play: Uygur is also running against former Trump campaign adviserGeorge Papadopoulos — who, in 2017, pled guilty to making false statements to the FBI about Russian contacts. The seat’s previous holder Rep. Steve Knight (R), who Hill defeated in 2018, is running again as well.

Flashback: Hill resigned from Congress in October following a House Ethics Committee investigation into allegations she had an improper relationship with a staffer. She has denied the claims.

What he’s saying: “I’m going to represent those people in a way they have not seen before. I will not be a standard politician,” Uygur said in a livestream of his web show … I’m going to fight to get money of politics, and I’m going to call it like it is.”

Reality check: Uygur tweeted that his campaign has already surpassed $100,000 in donations on Thursday night.

What’s next: The special election for Hill’s 25th Congressional District seat will take place on March 3.

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