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In the midst of the stress of the Impeachment Hearings, we needed a bit of comic relief. Thank you for providing this, Rep. Eric “Swampgas” Swalwell. Whether it was him or someone off camera, the timing was impeccable, and the internet reacted just as you would expect – like a gleeful 12 year old boy. Yes, the humor was juvenile and sophomoric, but we can all agree that it was FUNNY! For one glorious evening, the Twitterverse was united in laughing at an innocuous but embarrassing moment. And who better to be on the receiving end, that the sanctimonious, Democratic Presidential nominee dropout, Eric Swallwell? So, thank you Eric. May this notorious moment be your legacy!

From infrared explosions to Creepy Uncle Joe to the venerable Greta, the memes were creative and hilarious! I haven’t laughed this hard in a looooooong time.

Wouldn’t be Twitter without infrared video!
Creepy Uncle Joe had to pop in to sniff the evidence!
@bchapman151 said what everyone was thinking: “Run for POTUS, no one care. Drop a Deuce on live TV, TikTok famous overnight.”
Let’s enjoy the levity while it lasts.

And now…….back to the news.
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