Rep. Hank Johnson: ‘Victim’ Colin Kaepernick mistreated by NFL, and Congress should look into it

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According to several reports Colin Kaepernicks chance for a return did not go so well. Kaepernick demanded he be allowed his own film crew and just minutes before his scheduled NFL workout he notified them he would be moving it over 60 miles away. Only 7 of the scheduled 24 teams ended up showing up to the workout. Now democrat congressman Hank Johnson wants the NFL looked into for ‘blackballing’ Kaepernick.

According to Fox News

A Georgia Democratic congressman said that Colin Kaepernick is a “victim” of the NFL because he “exercised his First Amendment right,” according to a report.

Rep. Hank Johnson told TMZ Sports that it may be time for the government to step in and act on behalf of the former San Francisco 49ers star.

Johnson is curious if the league is abusing the anti-trust exemption to collude to keep players such as Kaepernick from the field. Earlier this year, the NFL paid Kaepernick and former teammate Eric Reid a nearly $10 million settlement over allegations that owners colluded to keep them from playing on a team.

It’s possible that Congress can do something,” Johnson told TMZ Sports. “Congress oversees the anti-trust exemption that we gave the NFL. The NFL is doing quite well with that anti-trust exemption, maybe it’s time for us to take a fresh look at it.”

Johnson wondered if a Congressional investigation is needed to see if the exemption should be revoked; the exemption allows individual teams to work together as a monopoly to negotiate more lucrative broadcasting deals.

In January, Johnson repeatedly compared President Trump to Adolf Hitler during a fiery speech at a Baptist church in Atlanta.

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