Woman who claims Prince Andrew groped her boobs after Epstein flew her to New York to entertain says she will testify to the FBI

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Prince Andrew the Duke of York has had one of the roughest weeks in recent memory for the royal family. He had a disaster interview that made the world question him even more and was a total embarrassment. Then he was fired from the Queen. Now in the same week a woman that claims he groped says she will testify to the FBI

She claims at Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s home Andrew groped her breast. He was pictured with Ms. Robert’s earlier in the week backing up her word. Now this is the second accuser who has accused Andrew of Pedophilia.

According to Daily Mail

Johanna Sjoberg may offer key evidence to the FBI about the Duke of York’s relationship with paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

The 39-year-old is willing to talk to law enforcement about her accusation that the prince groped her at the billionaire’s home when she was 21.

More than decade since she first made the allegation, Ms Sjoberg was pictured in the Mirror.

She is one of two women who have come forward to allege sexual contact with the royal.

A source said: ‘As a victim of Epstein, Sjoberg’s testimony over how she was recruited and abused is vital to the FBI.

‘Despite Epstein’s suicide, they are ­determined all those who enabled his crimes will face justice. It is a promise they made to the victims.

‘Andrew has had serious allegations made against him and agents are determined that a person’s standing in life does not make them immune from being ­questioned.’

Ms Sjoberg says that the duke groped her breast while he sat her on his knee at the paedophile’s New York home. 

Her accusation, with she first aired in 2007, are understood to have given Virginia Roberts the courage to come forwards with her claims.

Ms Roberts, now Mrs Giuffre, says that Andrew had sex with her when she was 17 years old.  The FBI is believed to be looking at ways to interview Prince Andrew on British soil.

Agents are keen to question the duke about his knowledge of Epstein as well as Ghislaine Maxwell, who is alleged to have recruited his victims.

When Andrew stepped down from royal duties, he said he would be willing to help any law enforcement agency with their investigations.  

He has lost his £249,000 Sovereign Grant after his car crash interview on Newsnight, when he told Emily Maitlis he had not slept with Ms Giuffre, who is now 35. Ms Sjoberg was pictured as Andrew stepped down from 230 patronages.  

One royal source told the paper that the prince thinks he’ll be able to clear his name by speaking to the FBI.  

Friends of Ms Sjoberg say that she is ‘pleased’ the duke is addressing the accusations facing him.  

She accused him of groping her by taking a Spitting Image puppet of himself and placing its hand on her breast. 


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