Teacher fired after she tells a classroom of fifth graders that ‘homosexuality is a sin’

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A substitute teacher has been fired from the school district for telling her fifth grade classroom that homosexuality is a sin. The teacher ranted after a student announced to the class he was being adopted by gay men. The teacher said “that is nothing to be proud of.”

According to Dailymail

A substitute teacher has been fired after she told an 11-year-old boy that he shouldn’t be thankful for his adoptive dads because homosexuality is a ‘sin’. 

The teacher, who has not been named, allegedly went on a homophobic rant in front of a classroom of fifth graders at Deerfield Elementary School in Utah while the students were sharing what they were thankful for ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday.      

When it was his turn to speak, a boy named Daniel told the class: ‘I’m thankful that I’m finally going to be adopted by my two dads.’ 

‘Why on earth would you be happy about that?’

the substitute replied aggressively, according to fellow students. 

She proceeded to spend the next 10 minutes lecturing the class about how ‘homosexuality is wrong’ and ‘two men living together is a sin’. 

‘That’s nothing to be thankful for,’

the substitute told Daniel, who has spent years in foster care and endured two failed adoptions in the past.  

Three girls in the class said they tried to stop the teacher multiple times, but she continued with her hurtful remarks. 

Eventually the girls left the room to find the principal, Caroline Knadler, who escorted the substitute out of the school.  

Daniel’s soon-to-be adoptive parents, Louis and Josh van Amstel, praised Knadler for her reaction and expressed horror at the substitute’s hurtful remarks. 

Louis and Josh said they were proud of how Daniel handled the situation and encouraged by the community’s response. 

The day after the incident, they found the front of their home plastered with colorful paper hearts with handwritten messages of love and support.  

‘So much good has come from this one ugly act that it’s amazing to know we live in the right community,’ Josh said. 

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