Kamala Harris Fizzles Out

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This did not go well. at all. Just as she rose she went down. That wasn’t supposed to be how it ended.

Kamala Harris the distinguished Senator from the sunny state of California entered the presidential race with a lot of fanfare. She was billed as the next Barack Obama but female version. Young attractive and full of fire. She was the person to kick President Trump’s butt.

From the moment she stepped on center stage in January 2020
the liberal media told the world that Kamala was the “it” girl. She was the one to pick up the mantle Obama had put down and beat Trump.

In the age of the #MeToo movement Kamala was going to usher in the decade of the woman.

It would have worked had she had a message. It would have worked had she known who she was. It would have worked had her Democrat party _ the party of identity politics_ supported her. It would have worked had she not giggle too many times and was serious. It would have worked had she believed she could have done it, but the giggling.

Perhaps and even more so, it would have worked had she been a white man. But wait, Beto O’Rourke was white, young and somewhat attractive in a dufus kind of way and it didn’t work for him. Oh well. Maybe had she been a gay white man like Pete Buttigieg it would have worked. Time will tell.

Kamala blames her color, ethnicity, gender or whatever else for her not being able to go the distance and capture the Democratic Nomination. If those factors are true, she should blame the Democrats. They are the ones who are married to identity politics. Who knows.

Now she returns to the senate to take her seat amongst her Democrat colleagues. All the while waiting for the next senator, running for president but will not make the cut, to take a seat with her.

Would have, could have, should have, but she didn’t. Kamala fizzled out.


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