Democracy Dies In The Dark For We The People

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If democracy dies in the dark, then it died Thursday, December 5, 2019. It is this day that will live in infamy and possibly set the political tone for events in Washington, DC from now to the election and thereafter. 

By the order of Nancy Pelosi (D) Speaker of the House the Judiciary Committee was given the nod to start drafting Articles of Impeachment against the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump.  

Nevermind the fact that her command was ceremonial, for Democrats along with the liberal media had already begun working to impeach the president since November 2016. They are taking upon themselves to decide who should be the president. The voters’ vote in the election be damned.

In a True democracy, We the People decide who is to be president with a vote. It is the right to vote, a most sacred right afforded to citizens under the US Constitution. This right allows We the People to decide who should represent us. 

With the vote, We the People decide who should and shouldn’t be our president. It is We the People who decide if the president is living up to his full potential. It is We the People who decide if the president is making America great again. It is We the People who decide if the president should be kicked out of office and when. If We the People voted him in then We the People will vote him out. 

It is not the right of politicians, liberal journalists, elitist professors, bureaucrats, whose feelings have been hurt and can’t accept an election loss, or any other nefarious group to make this decision for We the People.  

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessing of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.

We the People and not We the Media.

Unfortunately, We The People are seeing abuse of power afforded to Democrats and buoyed by an out control liberal media, because of their majority in the House. They see themselves as “We the People” making an electoral decision on their behest. 

Every waking moment of their existence, they have been consumed with fantasies and dreams of overthrowing the president. A coup d’etat dressed in impeachment.  

There is no legitimate reason for impeachment. No high crimes and misdemeanors, no Russian Collusion, no Quid Pro Quo, no bribery, no extortion in short no there there, but yet these people tell us, the president must be impeached because:  

  1. He won the 2016 election despite their interference
  2. He has been making America Great Again
  3. He is restoring law and order in politics by draining the swamp
  4. He has kept his promises to lower unemployment
  5. He has allowed black people to control their destiny
  6. He has taken on China
  7. He has taken on NATO and the UN
  8. He has crippled ISIS
  9. He ended business crippling regulations
  10. He keeps winning despite the left trying to take him out

More significantly, they want to impeach President Trump, knowing he won’t be convicted and removed from office, but to put a black mark by his name. This is so that he won’t overshadow Barack Obama and his abysmal time in office. 

In the middle of this impeachment farce, is an undercurrent of a coup d’etat where democracy slowly dies. The oxygen of truth is slowly sucked out of the cannons of knowledge and reason. It is hidden away and mischaracterized from the people by a controlling liberal media.  

The Democrats and liberal media rule the day in a cesspool of hate and lies. They don’t want greatness for the country. Spinning their narratives of fake news across the airwaves for all to consume. If it isn’t stopped Democracy will never be resuscitated, and slowly it will die.  

The death of democracy in an election brings chaos and uncertainty with votes. No one trusts the other thus making each election questionable and impeachment a tool to overthrow the person who the ruling party doesn’t like. Once again the voters’ vote be damned.

Who will save Democracy? Who will save the vote? Who will save We the People? 

And we are not saved…


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