Crypto Body to be Exhumed: Investors think he Faked his Death to Embezzle $137 Million

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Investors are demanding the body of Gerald Cotten, founder of the now bankrupt cryptocurrency company QuadrigaCX, be exhumed to prove he actually died and isn’t just living the high life off of millions of embezzled funds.

When he died last year in India from complications of Chron’s disease, Cotten was the only one who knew the passwords to digital wallets that contained $137 million in bitcoins. Auditors have attempted to retrieve the bitcoins, but have only recovered $25 million so far.

Gerald Cotten, 30, was the CEO of QuadricaCX, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Canada which defaulted last year following his death (pictured: with his wife Jennifer Robertson at the Taj Mahal)

Suspicions arose when an auditor found Cotten had been trading under several aliases and had substantial funds transferred to himself directly.


Cotten had been the only person with keywords to $137 million invested in bitcoins at the time of his passing. 

His firm, at the time of his death, had about 115,000 clients. 

Meanwhile, the auditor, Ernst & Young, has only been able to recover about $25 million. 

Rumors on the internet have spread that Cotten may in fact still be alive, living off embezzled funds.   

His death came four days after he completed his will, which details that his estate includes $9 million in real estate, a Lexus, Cessna plane and yacht, known as the Gulliver be given to his wife.

His name also had been misspelled on his Indian death certificate by the the Rajasthan hospital, in a country where forged documents are easy to obtain, according to Vanity Fair

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