Mall Santa Fired for Posting Selfies in his MAGA hat on Facebook

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Waycross, Georgia: A mall santa was fired when mall management discovered pictures of the Kris Kringle-for-hire donning his MAGA hat. The pictures were posted on the man’s personal Facebook account, and when mall management saw it they immediately began damage control.

From infowars:

The incident took place in Waycross, Georgia, earlier this month when The Mall at Waycross management announced that 50-year Santa veteran Frank Skinner would not be returning as the jolly Christmas figure.

“We apologize for this occurrence and will be addressing this right away. The Mall at Waycross does not support any specific political party. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Kindly, Mall Management,” the company said in response to a customer complaint.

The mall santa replied in turn with a long Facebook post:

As Frank stated, there were no children around at the time, no one to witness the “tragedy of supporting your country and president.”

The mall has received some backlash:

Frank has since apologized and has been offered several new jobs since the incident.

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