Black Is Just Now Beautiful To Liberals?

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Nothing to be proud of that in beauty pageant history all of the beauty queens happen to be black. This is concerning considering liberals control the pageants.

According to People Magazine, this is the first time in pageant world history that all five major titles — Miss America, Miss USA, Miss Teen USA, Miss Universe, and now Miss World — have been held by black women.

The beauty queens are: Kaliegh Garris, Miss Teen USA 2019, and Cheslie Kryst, Miss USA 2019, and Zozi Tunzi, Miss Universe.

Sadly, liberals are heralding black beauty now when blacks have always known they were beautiful. For blacks to stand on a soapbox and say “finally we have all major titles and arrived” is equally depressing.

This is a horrible message to little black girls. They are basically being told that only when liberal institutions say they are beautiful can they be seen as beautiful. These women should know they are beautiful without a title.

Why do black women need the validation of their beauty from an institution that has, in previous years, regulated them to fourth, third and second place?

Truth be told, if anything, these liberal institutions should have long since recognized black is beautiful considering blacks give so many of their dollars to their products.

It’s not just liberal pageants. It’s everything liberals control that holds blacks back only to say later look at what we have done. We have freed them to be seen as beauty or recognized their talents and intelligence.

Case in point, look at Hollywood. Another liberal institution that for years denied (and still do) blacks screen time out of fear the box office returns wouldn’t be there. When blacks were given time on the big screen it was as a slave or chucking and jiving buffoons.

Look at magazines. During the nineties and prior, you’d be hard-pressed to see a black female on the cover, let alone inside the magazine. TV commercials were the same. Now you see black faces all over.

Finally, while it’s nice to see black women holding all five major pageant titles, but to what end? Titles shouldn’t be used to validate the beauty or inner self of black women. It should just be black is beautiful, as are other colors. Meanwhile, the pageants are now claiming to be about intellect. So black isn’t beautiful? Oh, the contradiction.

Psst…liberals just named a new Ms. America. She’s white and a scientist. Her name Camille Schrier. Is she beautiful?

Miss America

And so it goes…

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