Twitter Deletes President Trump’s Retweet of CIA Whistleblower- Claim it was an error. We Call BS

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Earlier today, President Trump’s Retweet of the CIA whistleblower was deleted. Twitter claimed it was a snafoo, an error, a mistake.

This isn’t the first time Twitter has censored the President.

Backlash was swift after several Twitter users called out what appeared to be several accounts that the President has retweeted in the past had been removed from Twitter (suspended). Twitter claimed these accounts were spam or bot accounts, but as followers of most of them, we can tell you for a fact that’s a straight up lie. We’ve spoken on many ocassion to many of those accounts in question, and can verify they are real live people.

This isn’t the first time Twitter has censored Conservatives.

Earlier this year, Twitter resolved to “label” Trump Tweets that violated the TOS, keeping them on the platform, but “warning” users of potential harmful content.

Twitter, along with many other social platforms has tried to silence the voice of millions. Will this trend continue to bring us closer to the Orwelian future the Left so strives for?

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