Biden to Coal Miners: Learn to Code

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Wow. Do you remember when Twitter suspended hundreds of accounts for telling fake news media members they should learn to code after being laid off? Yeah, they considered it “hate speech.”


Last week, more than 1,000 jobs were eliminated at publishers including BuzzFeed and Verizon-owned Yahoo/AOL. Beginning Friday, Twitter was flooded with messages from freshly laid-off journalists, as well as condolences from their former colleagues. Media Twitter was simultaneously mourning the vicious cutbacks and condemning the VC publisher culture that necessitated them.

Many people retweeted requests for work, lauded the talents of the unfairly fired, or criticized BuzzFeed for its poor handling of the situation. But there was one frequently tweeted phrase that stood out from the sympathy: “Learn to code.”

Well, now we have Joe Biden, Democrat candidate for President of the United States, telling coal miners to “learn to program” when the “green” people come to take their jobs.

From Fox:

“Anybody who can go down 300-3,000 feet in a mine sure as hell can learn how to program as well,” said Biden at a campaign event Monday in New Hampshire. “But we don’t think of it that way. Anybody who can throw coal into furnace can learn how to program for God’s sake.”

Interesting how hate speech only applies to the ones writing the rules, isn’t it?

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