Rose McGowan Speaks out as Weinstein Trial begins in New York

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Her words begain with “You brought this upon yourself by hurting so many.” Weinstein stands accused of sex crimes, of which Rose McGowan claims to be just one of the many victims.

Just days ago, she apologized on behalf of America for the killing of Iranian General Soleimani, who has over his career, killed countless.

List of battles led by Soleimani and the deaths that ensued:

Kurdish Rebellion (1979)Iran–Iraq War (1980–1988)[9]
Operation Tariq-ol-Qods (WIA)[10]
Operation Fath-ol-Mobin
Operation Beit-ol-Moqaddas
Operation Ramadan
Operation Bazi-Deraz 2
Operation Omm-ol-Hasanayn
Operation Before the Dawn
Operation Dawn (1983)
Operation Dawn 3
Operation Dawn 4
Operation Dawn 5
Operation Dawn 6
Battle of the Marshes
Operation Kheibar
Operation Badr (1985)
Operation Meymak
First Battle of al-Faw
Operation Dawn 8
Operation Karbala 1
Operation Karbala 4
Operation Karbala 5
Operation Karbala 6
Operation Karbala 10
Operation Beit-ol-Moqaddas 7
Second Battle of al-Faw
Operation Dawn 10
Operation Nasr 4
Operation Mersad
KDPI insurgency (1989–96)
South Lebanon conflict (1985–2000)
Invasion of Afghanistan[11][better source needed]
2006 Lebanon War[12][13]
Iraq War
Karbala provincial headquarters raid
Iran–Israel proxy conflict
Gaza–Israel conflict
Syrian Civil War
Al-Qusayr Battle (2013)
Southern Syria offensive (2015)[14][15]
Battle of Zabadani (2015)
Northwestern Syria offensive (2015)
2015–16 Latakia offensive
Kuweires offensive (2015)
Battle of Aleppo (2012–2016)
Southern Aleppo offensive (2015)
Special forces operation to rescue Russian pilot
East Aleppo offensive (2015–16)
Northern Aleppo offensive (2016)
Encirclement of Aleppo
Aleppo offensive (September–October 2016)[16]
Hama offensive (March–April 2017)[17]
Syrian Desert campaign (May–July 2017)
Eastern Syria campaign (September 2017–present)
2017 Abu Kamal offensive
Iraqi Civil War (2014–2017)
Siege of Amirli
Liberation of Jurf Al Sakhar
Battle of Baiji
Battle of Tikrit
Siege of Fallujah
Operation Breaking Terrorism
2019–2020 Persian Gulf crisis 

Soleimani planned attacks on Americans before his demise.

Targets in Syria under threat included military outposts, officials said. In Lebanon, Soleimani was allegedly planning attacks on diplomatic targets.

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