Angel Mom Agnes Gibboney is Running for Congress in California District 31

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Angel mom Agnes Gibboney is taking matters into her own hands and running for Congress in California district 31. She has witnessed the state change before her eyes since she entered as a legal immigrant herself several years ago and is running for office to try and make California great again.

She is already receiving support on social media and from many California patriots but please help her spread the word and message to the masses and share that she is running.


For Agnes’ fantastic story please listen to are interview we did with her last summer.

Listen as she explains how she came into the country legally following all the proper protocols and how important that is. Despite that her son Ronald da Silva was murdered by an illegal immigrant who was deported multiple times.

In a state that desperately needs help candidates like Agnes Gibboney and Erin Cruz could breath life and new energy into the once great state of California. No one running in 2020 is more Pro America than Agnes.

Please visit and donate to help

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