BARBITS World’s first transgender children’s doll with penis underneath women’s clothes spotted on sale in toy store

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We reported last year about Mattel’s Barbie franchise announcement that they will feature a brand new transgender Barbie debuting this year. Now a Russian toy company Barbit has beat them to it and started distributing one of their own. Complete with a penis.

Can you imagine liberal parents getting this for their children?

The Sun reported

THE WORLD’s first transgender doll has gone on sale in a Russian toy shop.

Pics of the doll  – which features a penis and dress – have gone viral after being spotted in Planeta Igrushek (Planet Of Toys) shop in the city of Novosibirsk, Siberia.

The images, posted online, show a doll with long blonde hair and female facial features.

And underneath a red and yellow polka dot dress, there appears to be male genitalia.

The doll is the first of its kind spotted in Russia – and thought to be among the first child transgender dolls in the world.

A transgender doll divided opinion in Argentina when it went on sale at Toys R Us in 2018, while in 2019 toy company Mattel announced a gender neutral Barbie doll.

The images attracted opinion on social media, with one writing: “Is it ok to produce toys like that for children?”

Another said: “All they have to do is buy a medical tool kit and the kid can learn how to amputate.”

But some people were unimpressed by the forward thinking toy.

One user wrote: “I think it is really terrible what is going on in this child’s parent’s head.

“Have you considered that it could simply be a manufacturing defect? Or they accidentally put a female head on a male body?”

Another simply wrote: “I believe this is a liberal attempt to change the society.”

In 2017, LGBTQI activist Jazz Jennings was immortalised by a doll, made by the Tonner Doll Company.

The doll – which depicts one of the youngest people identifying as transgender in the US – does not feature any genitalia.

Unwrapping LOL Surprise male dolls shows they have genitals

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