Nicole Eggert Attacks Violent Rape Victim; Meanwhile: on Variety magazine cover as a “Survivor”

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Nicole Eggert graces Variety along with other #MeToo “survivors” this week. Meanwhile, she heads to Twitter to harass the survivor of a violent rape. Lisa Ripp, who commented in support of Scott Baio. Eggert along with her minions, began piling into the conversation, calling Lisa the C word, saying she was lying, that the damage she posted in the pictures was “from a car accident,” she deserved it because she was a “trick,” even accusing her of being “on drugs again.”

Far too often we see the Left attacking those on the right. It’s “believe the victim” as long as the victim is a member of the Left. If the victim is a Trump supporter, as we have seen with women like Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, and now Lisa Ripp, they are called liars, doxxed, and smeared; even threatened.

Following is a synopsis of what was said to Lisa by Nicole Eggert and her minions online:

We sat down with Lisa to hear what she had to say about it:

Oddly enough, Nicole was featured on the cover of Variety magazine, as a “survivor.”

“Keep fighting this good fight,” Eggert Tweeted, all the while picking on a survivor of an incredibly brutal attack.

Lisa keeps an upbeat attitude about this ordeal, although she is saddened she must stop helping connect other victims to resources they may need for now, since the harassment online has prompted her to lock her profile.

Lisa spearheaded and created a safe space for children affected by abuse to go during legal proceedings, aptly named “Lisa’s room.” It does well to serve as a reminder to her and others that anything is possible. You can turn your life around, and help others overcome immense obstacles.

Lisa’s Room is a space within the District Attorney Office in which juvenile victims of assault and trafficking can interview in a warm and welcoming space. Lisa Ripp, a sexual assault and kidnapping survivor, spearheaded the creation of the room.

Read Lisa’s story here:

Listen to Lisa on New Beginnings with Kolean Sanders and Sheldon Gooch:

The link to hear the broadcast is Station One. To listen by phone the listener can call 605-313-0834.

radio interview here:

This isn’t the first time Nicole’s attacked someone online:

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