Watch: Father Asks Elizabeth Warren If He’s Going To Get His Money Back After Paying For Daughter’s Education

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A father confronted Elizabeth Warren about her plans to give away free education and to pay back student loans.

The father pointed out that he saved his money and did all the right things to send his daughter to school and sacrificed so much. Now he wanted to know if he will get his hard earned money back. .

Warren was flustered by the altercation and told him he would not get his money back but had absolutely nothing to say to the angry voter.

According to Dailywire

My daughter’s getting out of school, I saved all my money, so she doesn’t have any student debt,” the man says. “Am I going to get my money back?”

“Of course not,” the Massachusetts senator responds.

“So, we end up paying for people who didn’t save any money, then those who did the right thing get screwed,” the father says.

He goes on to describe the actions of his “buddy,” who he says makes more money than him but didn’t use his money responsibly. Meanwhile he worked a “double shift” and carefully put money away in order to make sure his daughter wasn’t burdened with debt.

“So, you’re laughing,” the man says in response to Warren’s reaction. “Yes, that’s exactly what you’re doing,” he says after the senator appears to protest. “We did the right thing — and we get screwed,” the frustrated father says before walking away.

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