Gov. Newsom Deploys FEMA Trailers To LA As Part Of $750M Homelessness Executive Order

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The cities of Los Angeles and Oakland California have been given state owned FEMA trailers to house some of their homeless as part of a new $750 million Executive Order to combat the crisis.

Arguably, trailers alone will not solve the problem. Questions have arisen:

  • Out of the more than 151,000 homeless living in California, who will be chosen to be given shelter/ how?
  • Will there be drug screenings?
  • How will they get power, water, sanitation items?
  • What is being done about the rest of them?
  • Where are the trailers being placed, who owns the land?
  • How are taxpayers going to pay for this?

100 trailers for 151,000 people is certainly not enough, and comes with quite a high price tag.

From OAN:

On Wednesday, California Governor Gavin Newsom began rolling out what he’s calling “accelerated state action on homelessness.” Newsom announced 30 state owned FEMA trailers are heading to Los Angeles County to serve as emergency shelters.

The move came as part of Newsom’s $750 million executive order, which was issued earlier this month to combat homelessness. The city of Oakland has already received 15 trailers and up to 100 are expected to be used across the state in total.

Newsom fired back, saying he is also investing money in medical for better mental health care.

“We gotta own up to this in a way we haven’t in the past. We’ve done good work to support our social service safety net. That has now changed. We have a plan.” – Gavin Newsom, Governor of California

The Department of Urban Housing and Development estimated about 151,000 people are homeless in California alone.

Moving forward, the Los Angeles trailers are expected to arrive no later than February 7th.

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