Watch: Unbelievable! Omar’s Father: ‘This isn’t our America’; Omar Disappointed in America from the Beginning

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Upon entering the U.S. as a refugee from Somalia, Ilhan Omar and her father were expecting more. In the orientation videos, they showed beautiful houses and children going to school, beautiful roads and highways and huge mega malls.

Omar saw a homeless man in New York, and said “This isn’t the America we were promised.”


Instead of being grateful at the opportunity to escape a war-torn region and start a new life, Omar’s father looked at her and said “This is not our America.”

The American Dream is what she was told about, and apparently she was disappointed that not everyone achieves that. She says she has made it her goal to “make it THAT America,” and that will only happen when we “refuse to accept THIS America.”

Is this how a refugee being given food, shelter and a new beginning should feel about their new home??

Anyone in America has the right and ability to achieve all those things and much more if they’re willing to work for it. America is not a Socialist country; it does not hand out everything for free. Sorry to burst the immigration bubble, but this has always been true.

Perhaps Omar would rather we implement Sharia Law.

Omar has lobbied for the release of Muslim Brotherhood leaders, an organization which has been deemed a terrorist organization in several countries.

Omar was voted “anti-semite” of the year.

The Imam of Peace claims Omar is on Qatar’s payroll.

Supports sanctions on Israel and not Iran.

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