5 Years Ago Today: Left to Die while her Druggie Friends Drained her Bank Account: An Angel Mom Speaks Out

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Angel Mom Virginia Krieger continues to speak out about the dangers of fentanyl, opiates, and illegal immigration on the 5 year anniversary of her daughters tragic death. Virginia took to Twitter and tweeted her feelings for the world to read.

Cartels continue to bring dangerous fentanyl over the border that is killing young Americans all over the country. Building the wall is essential in blocking much of this from entering the country.

Last Summer we were fortunate enough to speak with Virginia. Read Tiffany’s full story below

The crisis is real.

From Viginia Kreiger:
My only daughter Tiffany Robertson was a beautiful talented young woman with a bright future. A future that was cut short due to the complete failure of our elected leadership to make safe the American people & institute common sense border security.

Tiffany died February 2, 2015 one of the 72,000 victims of the Mexican cartels & their killer narcotics Heroin & illicit Fentanyl in 2015 alone. Tiffany had a medical condition left untreated after the rise in heroin and Fentanyl related deaths turned politicians against physicians & put fear into the medical community of treating chronic pain patients. As a direct result thousands of valid patients were abandoned by their doctors, directed into pain clinics that were ill prepared for a mass influx of patients. Many had to wait weeks to months for appointments, the rehabilitation community was equally unprepared for the massive influx of patients and as a result many like Tiffany, sick and desperate and in pain were forced to seek out other means to treat themselves to fill in the gap.

Two of Tiffany’s “friends” obtained drugs and provided them to my child. As Tiffany lay in a back room slowly suffocating to death. They spent hours going back & forth to ATM’s making withdrawals from Tiffany’s bank account stealing her money, only calling for help after she died. The women made their last withdrawal, emptying the account completely, after the coroner had come & taken my child’s lifeless body away with no concern whatsoever for the well being of Tiffany or her two very young children still at home.

There was no justice for Tiffany. The women who left her to die were never prosecuted or held accountable for her death even though they tampered with evidence, lied to the police & admitted to purchasing and giving the drugs to my child. The detectives on the case never investigated. In the end one woman served 28 days for petty theft only after I investigated the theft myself & put together the case & went to see the city prosecutor demanding something be done. The second woman has gone on to be present at 2 other drug deaths & was recently arrested again for robbery while the resident was home to get money for her “dope boy’. The drug dealer remains at large. The Mexican cartels continue to operate with impunity over the border protected by our own legislators fighting against the DHS and ICE complicit in the Drug Cartel’s killings of 180 of our children every single day.

Obama reinstated catch & release in 2014 in less than six months we saw a massive 500+% increase in heroin and illicit fentanyl related deaths. A recent 2018 DEA Heroin Origin report has identified that 91.6% of the heroin in his country as Mexican in origin. The rise of homelessness, death, destroyed families and communities surrounding this Heroin and Fentany Epidemic has reached biblical proportions and the trail of suffering due to our failed border policies continues to take it’s toll. Since 2014, we have lost nearly 250,000 American’s in less than 4 years due to these drugs and it’s not slowing down. Our foster care system is overwhelmed with the children of those addicted and who have died as a result of their addictions, the silent victims, collateral damage of our failed border policies, Addicted homeless is an epidemic.

Tiffany’s death didn’t need to happen it could have been easily prevented with common sense border practices which makes the heartache of her loss hard to bear.

Our federal legislators need to declare Mexican Drug cartels terrorist organizations. We need a fully secured border wall to force both people and vehicles into ports of entry where they can be properly searched and x-rayed to detect both hidden drug compartments and human trafficking. This process could have been easily instituted years ago to protect American’s.

People who wish to enter the country must be fully vetted now that Mexican Cartel members have taken advantage of the catch and release program allowing the brutal Mexican Sinaloa Cartel to infiltrate every city, county and state on entire eastern half of the country leaving nothing but death and destruction in their wake.

After 9/11 we changed everything about the way we air travel but we never closed the back door. The actions of our leadership fighting against border security has directly lead to these deaths and destroyed countless families, communities and lives, it has to STOP!

I urge everyone to reach out to your leadership & demand that they do their job & act NOW to secure & protect our children from those who are doing them harm.

This is not about politics, it’s not about political parties, it’s not about hating migrants or any one person, it’s about stopping the criminals who are killing our children.

There is nothing more precious in this world than our children, we need to start acting like it.

If you have anything you can spare to help out this grieving mother who has already been through so much please donate to.

Thank you Patriots 🙏

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