This Impeachment is a SCAM!

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The Democrats in the House have voted to impeach the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump and now they’ve sent the articles of Impeachment to the Senate in hopes that the Senate will vote to REMOVE President Trump from office. The Democrats & the dishonest mainstream media claim that President Trump deserves to be impeached because he apparently has committed “horrible crimes and misdemeanors”. I’m going to explain to you all why the Democrats and the media are absolutely wrong. Let’s look at the facts!


First, let’s start with former President Obama & other major Democrats… Barack Obama asked Ukraine to investigate Donald Trump’s campaign manager in January of 2016. In May of 2018, 3 Democrat senators asked Ukraine to investigate President Trump and The Democratic National committee asked Ukraine to help find dirt on President Trump. Those events were all very corrupt but almost nothing compared to what was done by former Vice President Joe Biden when he threatened to withhold one BILLION dollars from Ukraine, unless they fired the Ukrainian prosecutor who was investigating his corrupt son, Hunter Biden. The prosecutor looking into Hunter Biden was fired & Vice President Joe Biden immediately sent Ukraine the one Billion dollars in vital United States funding.


Now fast forward to today! President Trump recently had a perfect phone call with the new President of Ukraine to talk about fighting corruption & election interference, which is something almost every single United States President & leader does & should do. President Trump was doing his Presidential duty to fight corruption in the United States of America & abroad, which I one hundred percent support! Unfortunately when the Democrats & the fake news media found out about this call on fighting corruption, they decided that it would be their next ridiculous reason to impeach and remove President Trump AGAINST the will of the American people who support and voted for Donald J. Trump. Why? Because they hate him. The Left hates this President & everything he is doing for the country. But as Will Witt says, “Impeachment was NOT created as a partisan political weapon, but as a tool to punish SERIOUS misconduct”. The Democrats are clearly not using Impeachment correctly. Instead they’re using it for partisan political reasons!


It’s interesting to see the Democrats attempt to Impeach President Trump, because from what I see, the President did NOTHING wrong! In fact, President Trump was doing something great! He was simply exposing hidden corruption and crime committed by the Democrats. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter to the Left that the President committed zero crimes, as they still want to impeach President Trump for purely pointing out their own corruption!


So obviously this impeachment is a hoax and any sane person can see that. It’s only the Left’s next attempt to remove this amazing and very successful President. As we all know, they have been trying to impeach and remove President Donald Trump since before he was even in office, which is truly unheard of and in my opinion is “Presidential harassment”! But don’t worry, the Left will never succeed in removing our great President. This will only harm the Democrats & the dishonest FAKE NEWS media. All it does is secure President Trump another landslide election victory this November, which is fantastic news because with four more years of Donald J. Trump, we can no doubt finish making this beautiful country great again!



To learn more about how impeachment works and what it was created for, check out PragerU’s video, “What is Impeachment (And How Does It Work)”.


Also, feel free to check out my video on this scam impeachment with the comedian, Terrence Williams on YouTube.

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