Then and Now: What Speaker Pelosi Said About Mitt Romney in 2012

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Nancy Pelosi has been praising Mitt Romney ever since President Trump took office. In 2017 she joked “wouldn’t it be great if Mitt Romney was President?” However Speaker Pelosi has not always had such positive thoughts about Mitt Romney.

When Romney ran for President in 2012 Pelosi hammered Romney with smears and bold faced lies.

The congresswoman allied with then-Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., in spreading the lie that Romney was a tax cheat. The claim was a total falsehood, which Reid all but admitted to later, but not before Pelosi jumped in to defend the senator from critics who questioned whether the story was bogus.

“Harry Reid made a statement that is true. Somebody told him. It is a fact,” the congresswoman told the Huffington Post. “Whether he did or not can easily be disposed of: Mitt Romney can release his tax returns and show whether he paid taxes.”

“Harry Reid is a person who is, as we know, A, is a fighter, B, he wouldn’t say this unless it was true that somebody told him that,” she added.

Neither Pelosi nor Reid ever apologized for the tax smear.

Pelosi also accused Romney of intentionally bombing his own address before speaking at the NAACP

In July 2012, the California congresswoman also accused Romney of intentionally bombing his address before the NAACP, theorizing that the former governor wanted to use the image of offended black people to boost his standing with white voters.

I think it was a calculated move on his part to get booed at the NAACP convention,” she said in an interview on Bloomberg Television.

She claimed a Romney Presidency would end womens rights in America.

At the Democratic National Convention that year in Charlotte, N.C., the congresswoman warned that a Romney presidency would cause possibly irrevocable damage to women, minorities, and the American dream itself.

“[T]he character of our country [is on the ballot],” she said. “The hard-won rights of women are on the ballot. Democrats trust the judgment of women. We reject the Republican assault on women’s health. It’s just plain wrong.”

“The American dream is on the ballot. Ladders of opportunity for our middle class are on the ballot,” Pelosi added.

She also accused him of being sexist.

Later, in an Oct. 25, 2012, interview on “The Daily Show,” Pelosi accused Romney of being a sexist.

“Respect for women or not? That’s another ‘Mittology,’ that he’s a champion for women. Please,” she said, adding, “Women have just about the most to lose, whether you’re a woman of childbearing age or senior woman, in my case.”

Here Pelosi hysterically laughs at the odds of Romney ever becoming President.

So according to Pelosi, Romney who she has called a tax evading sexist pig is now an American hero.

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