The Black Community vs Gayle King and Oprah; Death Threats and Anger

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Reporter Gayle King made headlines earlier this week when she interviewed retired WNBA star Lisa Leslie about her relationship with Kobe Bryant. King came under fire when CBS released a clip of King grilling Leslie on Bryant’s rape case that was dismissed in 2003.

King defended herself on social media but it seems to have made things worst.

Rapper Snoop Dogg started the onslaught of black celebs who are now attacking Oprah and King with this vulgar video:

In the video Snoop calls Gayle out on her friendship with Oprah and then calls Gayle a “funky dog haired bitch”.

After Snoops video the onslaught continued, rapper Boosie and 50 Cent made vulgar videos bashing the duo.

Even Bill Cosby chimed in from Prison

After all the hysteria the black community is completely riled up. King’s best friend Oprah claims that Gayle has had to hire security because of the death threats she is receiving. Oprah says that Gayle is devastated by the backlash and vitriol.

Overall Gayles question was probably inappropriate (I found it in poor taste personally) but the hatred spewd by several members of the black community has been shocking and overkill. They claim King was trying to bring a succesful black man down at the same time as they are shunning a successful black woman.

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