A Biological Male who Set Female NCAA Records in Track and Field Last Year Says Being Transgender Was “No Advantage”

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A biological male who set NCAA records in the female division last year now says being transgender gave her no advantage.

“And there are people who say I have the benefit of testosterone. But no: I have no benefit. I’m on hormone suppression, it doesn’t help.”

Cece Telfer

Telfer is pictured in the middle:

Several months afo we wrote about a transgender breaking female weight lifting records. We also covered transgender, “CeCe” Telfer, who set records at Franklin Pierce University.

NCAA track star CeCe Telfer is cleaning up in women’s track, breaking records and racking up points for Franklin Pierce University. Telfer, notably, is a biological male who now identifies as a female. Last year, CeCe, then going by his birth name Craig, was a top athlete in the men’s division.

Great, so just last year he was competitive in the men’s division and the very next year he is allowed to take some hormones and compete in the female division? Disgusting.

Does this look fair?

Telfer has qualified in a pair of events, as she will compete in the 200-meter dash and the 60-meter hurdles,” reads the site, noting that Telfer has the “fastest time of the year in the 200-meter dash is 24.08 seconds, which was set at the Northeast-10 Conference Championships earlier this month. Her fastest time in the 60-meter hurdles is 8.33 seconds, which came in December, at the UMass Boston Indoor Open.

She is ranked third in the country in the hurdles and seventh in the 200-meter dash.”

What a joke. NCAA should be ashamed.

The NCAA has had a policy for transgender athletes for years. It is legal under NCAA bylaws for a biological male to compete in the women’s division if that male has suppressed his testosterone levels for one year,” reports The Blaze

Well, we can expect a lot of other men who can’t cut it in their division to start taking hormones so they can beat up on women.

Revolting and the NCAA should be ashamed.

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