Watch: Democratic Mayor Mike Bloomberg Under Fire for “Racist” Comments

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Just yesterday before the breaking news hit Rob and I discussed Bloomberg’s policies in New York to keep the crime rate lower than it is today. Rob is a New York resident and commented on Bloomberg’s strategy.

Mini Mike” Bloomberg has spent hundreds of millions of dollars on campaign ads for his Presidential campaign. Despite all of that money spent Bloomberg could not hide a clip that is now viral and has black democratic voters outraged.

In another video that surfaced today Bloomberg claimed whites are the ones who are pulled over disproportionately.

As for the first video is it really so racist to address that miniorities commit a majority of crimes in major cities? I personally am not a fan of Mini Mike but the left wing outrage shows everything wrong with the Democratic party. Bloomberg as mayor did a great job keeping crime low in comparison to now. Just look at how things have gotten much worst under Mayor De Blasio.

His comments did come in bad taste and of course President Trump was going to take advantage of the political opportunity to bash his opponent, considering the ads Bloomberg has ran on Trump have been out of context fake news garbage it is understandable

However Trump deleted his tweet a few minutes later.

If President Trump had said the same thing no doubt the media would go crazy. But if we can not be honest about the truth in this country, problems will never get fixed if people are so afraid of the cancel culture people can no longer speak candidly perhaps it is a bad thkng. The facts are minority’s are 5 to 10 times more likely to commit violent crimes in New York City , Stop and Frisk worked compared to the modern day liberal policies of Bill De Blasio. De Blasio is releasing criminals back onto the street to commit the same crimes over and over.

Bloomberg’s comments were in poor taste and will probably cost him the black vote and he has no chance in the election at this point. Democrat opponents will play it on a loop. Mini Mike is the latest victim in the outrage culture.

Kind of fitting the guy who spent so much money to defeat Trump is being defeated by the same tactics Democrats have been using against Trump. Everyone is susceptible to regrettable comments, however no one should feel sorry for Mike Bloomberg but you have to enjoy the irony. He has been dishonest about President Trump since he decided to run for office. It seems so fitting that comments he would blast Trump for were leaked out of Mini Mike’s mouth.

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