The Top 15 Most Influental Celebrities Who Support Donald Trump

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This list is based on influence, fame, and amount of support for President Trump

15. Kevin Sorbo

the former Herculeus actor is open and honest about his christian beliefs and his support for Donald Trump.

14. Lou Ferrigno:

The actor perhaps best known for his role as the Incredible Hulk long time star Lou Ferrigno has made no secret of his support for Donald Trump.

13. Dennis Rodman:

Dennis Rodman is a long time friend of Donald Trump and appeared on the Apprentice. Since Trump took office Rodman has continued to be complimentary of Trump and even offered to help broker the peace deal between North Korea and the United States.

12. Dana White:

Dana White is one of the most well known supporters of Donald Trump. He spoke at the 2016 Republican National convention and has visited Trump at the White House. White has had several flattering statements about the President. “I will never have a bad thing to say about Donald Trump” Dana once famously stated.

11. Charlie Daniels :

One of the all time great country singers Daniels is vocal on social media about his support for Trump.

10. Kristy Swanson

Best known for her role in the hit movie Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Swanson has made no apologies about her support for Trump. On social media she is one of the most vocal Trump supporters.

9. The Cast of Duck Dynasty

the cast of Duck Dynasty made the news back in 2015 for endorsing President Trump. Since than they have been frequent guests on Fox

8. Scott Baio :

Scott Baio was known for his starring role in Charles in Charge, and Happy Days. He has remained a great actor and guest starred in several hit shows like Arrested Devolpment. Baio spoke for Trump at the 2016 Republican National convention and continues to support him on social media and in interviews.

7. Mike Tyson

One of the all time great boxers iron Mike has consistently had great things to say about President Trump. The two have been long time friends after Trump hosted several of his fights at Trump Plaza in Atlantic City.

6. Jon Voight

the longtime actor is an avid supporter of Donald Trump. He has been praised by the President for his patriotism and Voight frequently makes videos defending the President. Voight was honored by Trump with the Presidential medal of freedom.

5. Roseanne Barr

Roseanne’s love for Donald Trump extended to her TV show charector on the number 1 rated show Roseanne. She eventually lost her show due to her tweet about former Obama Admin employee Valerie Jarrett. Trump supported Roseanne through her firing and has frequently brought up how unjust her firing was.

4. Kid Rock

The Detroit rocker is a long time friend of Trump and has publicly boasted about his support for him. Kid Rock made news when he attacked Taylor Swifts decision to get into politics and support Democrats.

3. Tim Allen:

Tim the Tool Man is a long time conservative who supports Trump. On his hit TV show Last Man Standing Allen often references Trump or the wrongdoings of the PC left wing culture. Allen attended President Trumps inauguration ceremony.

2. Kanye West

When Kanye West visited the White House it stirred up the entire nation. Many on the left were shocked and appalled that the superstar supported President Trump. West has recently gotten into gossiple music.

1.James Woods:

We ranked James Woods number one on the list of the most influental. Woods has a massive social media presence and gained 200,000 followers in the first day after his break from Twitter. His messages go viral almost on a daily basis in support of Donald Trump

Honourable mention: Robert Kraft, Steven Baldwin, Kirsty Alley, Randy Quaid, Vince Vaughn, Conor McGregor, Dean Cain, Mike Tyson, Jesse James and Gary Busey , Antonio Sabato

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