WATCH: Student at U of Virginia Tells White people using the new Multicultural Center: “it makes POCs like myself uncomfortable to see so many white people”

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Ezinne Ogbonna, the student at University of Virginia who went on a “no whites allowed” rant in the multicultural center, sees herself as a great teammate. Judging by her Linkedin profile and the feedback provided regarding an internship she just completed through the college, you’d think she’s great with people. I mean, she did say so herself.

Her field is healthcare. Do you think someone like this should be working with the public, especially when someone’s health is at stake? Watch the video and decide for yourself.

The college made a statement about the incident:

I reached out to UofV for clarification, since it did not seem as though the student was punished, and they did not clarify as well whether or not what she did was wrong, nor that white people were indeed welcome at the center.

U of V has yet to respond.

From :

Ezinne Ogbonna

Internship Site: Integrated Translational Health Research Institute of Virginia

Rising Up to the Challenge

This spring I have had the privilege to serve as a marketing intern for iTHRIV, a health start-up through UVA’s School of Medicine.

As an aspiring healthcare professional who has deep interests in industries outside of the medical one, I was certain that this internship was a perfect fit. In the future I plan to go to graduate school to become a physician assistant and have taken many classes at the university to prepare for that. I have also found myself highly involved in other fields. I have done social media marketing for several organizations on grounds and have used my marketing skills for my own personal branding. Working for iTHRIV has given me the space to utilize and enhance my skills in a professional forum.

Although I was a marketing intern, everyone at iTHRIV was welcoming and gave me insight into their specific role in the company. I learned about the company from a financial, organizational and marketing perspective. Understanding how all the different parts of the iTHRIV engine function helped me to do my job better. I understood the different audiences the company targeted to and tailored key messages accordingly.

Everyone at iTHRIV made sure to affirm me in what I did well. I was given the tools to grow as an employee in the areas in which they wanted me to do better. iTHRIV is the healthiest work environment that I have been in by far. At the start of my employment, there was not a formal marketing person in the company. Myself and the other marketing intern had to figure things out along the way. By the end of the semester we constructed a thorough marketing plan for the various audiences that iTHRIV interacts with. We outlined the unique key messages for iTHRIV’s different audiences and devised communications strategies for each group. This would not have been possible without the support of the entire company.

This internship was a very powerful experience for me.

Not only did I gain the tools I need to succeed in the field of marketing on a professional level, I learned how to work effectively with a team. The skills that I have acquired this semester will be useful both inside and outside of the corporate sphere.

She also apparently wanted to be a film actress. Info found on a now-defunct gofundme:

Greetings! My name is Ezinne Ogbonna and I am a senior at the University of Virginia pursing a career as a film actress and physician assistant

Brittney Ezinne Ogbonna


Brittney Ezinne Ogbonna in 2018 was employed in University Of Virginia and had annual salary of $17,680. This salary is 75 percent lower than average and 69 percent lower than median salary in University Of Virginia.

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