Disgraced Former California Rep Katie Hill Blames Bad Press About Affair with Campaign Staffer on her Being Bisexual

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Katie Hill will not go away and is still making news for her affair. She went on the View and claimed the backlash she recieved was in a large part to being bisexual. She even claimed people have bisexual fantasies and that is why they have so much interest in her affair.

FoxNews reported:

speculated on Friday that her affair wouldn’t have received as much media attention if it didn’t include another woman.

“I think there’s this headline that wouldn’t exist otherwise,” she said during Friday’s episode of “The View.”

She added that “there’s still a lot that people don’t understand bisexuality, and it’s a pretty new thing for people to even be grappling with.”

Hill resigned from Congress in October after nude photos of her surfaced, and amid news she had an affair with one of her staffers.

Co-host Joy Behar mentioned a show that included a “throuple,” or a relationship with three people. “I joked that it’s becoming more mainstream and I think that I had something to do with that,” Hill responded.

“That’s a hell of a way of making it mainstream,” co-host Ana Navarro said.

After leaving Congress, Hill set up a political action committee dedicated to supporting younger women who don’t fit the traditional mold for political candidates.

“The ones who may not have the financial resources, the political backing, they’re longer shots often and they’re the ones who need the most early support to be able to get off the ground and best represent the communities — because I think it’s that type of systemic change that will truly get us to the place that we need to be,” she said.

Her Time PAC was launched with about $1 million, according to Hill, and serves as a way to bring something good out of the scandal surrounding her.

“The first priority for me is that I need to make sure that my experience doesn’t deter other young women from running for office and that something positive has to come out of this,” she said, calling the ethics investigation into her conduct “incredibly invasive” for her staff before she resigned.

“I’m glad I was able to take the pressure off of my staff by resigning,” she said, adding she did not want to be a “distraction” as the House impeachment inquiry began.

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