COVID-19 and The Democrats Who Cried Trump

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Aesop was a fabulist and former Greek slave who lived in the late-7th to mid-6th century B.C.E. His fables are considered to be the first morality tales of Western civilization. Of his 725 fables, one of the most well-known is the Boy Who Cried Wolf. In this classic tale, a shepherd boy became bored watching the sheep, so to amuse himself, he kept crying out, “Wolf! Wolf!” only to laugh as he watched the villagers come running. When a wolf actually appeared, none of the villagers came to help and the flock was scattered.

The Democrats would do well to listen to the moral of this ancient story. Since Trump rode the escalator, they have sounded one fake alarm after another. They began with charges of Trump colluding with the Russians to steal the 2016 election and of being Putin’s puppet. The Democrats have warned us that he would destroy the economy, destabilize the world, and start WWIII. Invariably, like Wile E. Coyote, all of their attacks backfire on them. You would think the Democrats would learn, wouldn’t you?

We’re all going to die, again!

The Democrats have found their latest Trump apocalypse in the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. Once again, we are told that Trump in his incompetence has brought us to the precipice of doom. If we don’t replace Trump with one of their far-left nutjobs, we will all surely die.

I don’t mean to make light of the COVID-19; everyone should take precautions to avoid contracting and spreading it just as they would any infectious illness. Because this is a previously unknown coronavirus, there are many unknowns and no one has developed immunity to it, yet. While currently, it doesn’t appear to be nearly as much of a threat to the U.S. as the typical flu strains we deal with each year; this could easily change. It is impossible to determine a case mortality rate with any accuracy because the epidemic is ongoing. The formula for a case mortality rate is:

CFR = deaths/total cases

The problem is that the cases are ongoing so some of them have not been resolved. There are two other formulas for estimating CFR during an ongoing outbreak. Each one has its own strengths and weakness, but they give widely varied results. So when someone tells you that the CFR for COVID-19 is 6% or only 2%, take it with a grain of salt. There is no reason to panic or to assume this will be worse than SARS, MERS, or H1N1, but only time will tell.

Everything Orange Man Does is Bad

Yet, ever undaunted by facts or logic, the Democrats are portraying the threat of COVID-19 as though it were an escaped bio-weapon in a Stephan King novel. They hype up fears of the virus while portraying Trump as incompetent, citing that he has cut the CDC and NIH budgets and left no one at the helm of our response protocols but Mike Pence, who they consider unqualified because he is a Christian who doesn’t “believe in science.”

This is just more Democrat fiction. To begin with, Trump hasn’t cut any of the budgets. He has proposed cuts to them because,  like all bureaucracies, they are bloated with waste and mission creep. Not only have there been no cuts to the CDC or NIH, but their funding has also increased. Moreover, there are many qualified doctors and scientists overseeing the operations of the CDC and NIH. According to AP Fact Check,

Among the health authorities overseeing the work are Dr. Anne Schuchat, CDC’s principal deputy director and a veteran of previous outbreaks, and Dr. Anthony Fauci, NIH’s infectious disease chief who has advised six presidents.

And again, AP Fact Check states,

“The CDC’s response has been excellent, as it has been in the past,” said John Auerbach, president of the nonpartisan Trust for America’s Health, which works with government at all levels to improve the nation’s response to high-risk health crises. Some Democrats have charged that Trump decimated the nation’s public health leadership, but Auerbach said CDC’s top scientific ranks have remained stable during the past three years.

In addition to all this, our response protocols were developed and put in place by experts and are followed regardless of who is in the White House. Do you really think we relied on Obama’s medical expertise to lead us through SARS or the Swine Flu?

And finally, Mike Pense being a Christian does not mean he doesn’t believe in science; there is no incompatibility between science and the Scriptures. The Left doesn’t care about science, nor children, or anything else they blather on about. They care only about gaining power for power’s sake; they support anything that will facilitate that goal and oppose anything that doesn’t. They will cry about children in cages while celebrating the murder of children in the womb. They will exalt any scientific study that supports their political agenda, no matter how methodologically unsound it may be, while ostracizing and discrediting any dissenting voices no matter how credible they are. Mike Pence believes in science; he just doesn’t believe in left-wing propaganda masquerading as science.

The Left losing their sheep

The Left count on the electorate to be morons who are too stupid and lazy to question the fabrications and pablum that they spoon-feed them. While that may be true of their rabid, leftist base, typical Americans are beginning to catch on. Seeing the undeniable success of Trump’s presidency and the embarrassing string of failed and backfired political attacks by the Democrats, many Never-Trumpers, Democrats, and Independents are boarding the Trump train and attending his rallies. Over 30% of Trump rally attendees are former Democrats and Never-Trumpers.

This latest false alarm by the Democrats will fail like all the others. The CDC and NIH response under Trump has been excellent, and the travel restrictions have been beneficial. Trump has given us the strongest economy in decades and record-unemployment across all demographics. Trump has restored our military readiness, confronted our allies to contribute their fair share in their own defense, and made America safer with his foreign and domestic policies. I predict that just like the foolish shepherd crying “Wolf!” ages ago, the Democrats will see their cries of Trump go unheeded and their political flock scattered come November.

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